Women’s Retreats

Friday, March 25th-Sunday, March 27th

Several times a year, my facilitation partner, Kim Keller and I, offer weekend retreats for women. In these retreats we move through a series of initiations designed to connect us deeply to the strength, potency, creativity and joy that arises from the awakened feminine essence. Please contact me with questions or to be added to the mailing list for future events.

Access Consciousness™ Bars Class

The Bars are a series of points gently held on the head, which allow old thoughts, patterns and beliefs to disappear.

It takes around an hour to run them all but they can be run separately to work with specific issues.

Add them into a healing or counseling session, clear yourself or help your friend. It is a very simple technique.

The class is hands on, so you run the risk of leaving, feeling much lighter and freer.

Bring your loved one, so you can help each other expand into the infinite, limitless beings that you truly be!

How does it get better than that?

(please contact me with questions, to be added to the mailing list about future events or to be the impetus for the next class!)