Dr Ajana Miki has been practicing as a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist since graduating from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000.  After practicing in Chicago, Illinois for 5 years, she went in search of mountains and found herself in Ashland, Oregon.  Dr Miki founded the Kokoro Center for Integrative Health Care in 2006, a lovely little healing cottage in the picturesque railroad district of downtown Ashland, surrounded by mountains. Her practice integrates naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and shamanic healing work.  Her patients also appreciate her 20+ years of experience as a body worker. She is a strong believer in addressing the entirety of the patient; body, mind, spirit and heart.

Dr Miki uses distance healing work with local patients as well as clients in other parts of the country and world. Distance work is especially effective at addressing emotional and spiritual blockages and entanglements as well as physical ailments with their origins in these realms.

Dr Miki’s devotion to listening deeply to the messages and requests of her patient’s hearts and bodies has led her down an unwinding path to becoming increasingly holistic in her approach to medicine and healing.

Her work is strongly influenced by her practices of qi gong and meditation, her deep connection with nature and her training in family constellation therapy.

Personal Statement
I begin each time spent with a client by breathing into a space of not knowing.  Even if I have worked with a person 50 times, I strive to see him or her as if it is the first time. By sitting in this stillness and spaciousness, it allows the stories in our minds to quiet and the heart’s knowing of what is wanting to be seen and to be healed, to emerge.

The intention that I state and hold for each person, is for the clearing of any obstacles that might stand in the way of being the strongest, healthiest and happiest possible version of yourself.