Each session is unique, dependent on the needs of the client in the moment.

A typical session begins with a check in time for sharing relevant information and establishing the intention for the work. The client then relaxes onto a warm table heated by an amethyst crystal mat, which creates a field of deeply healing infrared heat.  Dr Miki often begins with energetic clearing and balancing, addressing blockages in the various energy centers of the body with the intention of inviting greater harmony on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Frequently, she progresses to using acupuncture needles and/or tuning forks. The acupuncture supports further balance and healing, as well as assisting the physical body in integrating changes happening on the energetic level.

Dr Miki weaves her skills in Naturopathic and Chinese medicine into her work as indicated by the situation.  She may recommend supplemental nutrients, herbs, homeopathic remedies, dietary changes and/or exercises.

The most commonly reported immediate result is a greater sense of calm and ease.  Each session will continue to unfold at its own pace over the next days or weeks, as the client integrates the changes, continuing to release old patterns and blockages.  Various tools may be recommended to support the continued path towards radiant well being.  Follow up sessions can be very beneficial, as they assist in retraining the energy body and nervous system to move in a more easeful and spacious way.