bars sessions

The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head. When they are held, they access old beliefs, thoughts and emotions and discharge electrical energy from the body, which holds these old impressions in place. As we clear these old points of view, the limitations associated with them are also released.

Gary Douglas, DC is the founder of Access Consciousness™ and began using the Bars as a tool for facilitating consciousness over 20 years ago. He says that the most important function of the Bars is to clear the obstacles to being able to receive.

What would it take for we and our clients and loved ones, to release any limitations that we’ve placed on our ability to or allowance of receiving the limitless, infinite, magical beings that we truly be, along with all of our gifts, talents and capabilities?

What would it take for each of us to access the totality of who we be and the totality of what the universe is just waiting for us to receive?

How big and how alive are you willing to be?


  1. Wow Aj, I didn’t realize the Bars work had to do with holding points on the head. It sounds cool. I am enjoying your website! Thinking I may need to get this training.

  2. Lynnette says:

    Will you be teaching The Bars classes again this fall?
    For the record, I have never encountered this modality or healing practice and felt I need to do it.
    I was perusing the internet and, well, you know the rest of the story if you have ever hoped on to find a phone number and two hours later you find yourself ordering yoga pants, only after watching a YouTube video all about fainting goats.

  3. cheryl says:

    is this something your still doing?

  4. Administrator says:

    Absolutely! Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

  5. Administrator says:

    Hello Lynette,

    I realize that your note was from two and a half years ago! but I am woefully unskilled and never realized that there were comments being posted! Today something showed up in my mailbox letting me know I had 14 comments that needed replies and led me here and lo and behold they were from years ago. Very odd! Very belated thank you for you note and I would love to connect if you are still curious :)


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