Traditionally, the role of the shaman when acting as a healer is to intervene on the part of the patient.  The shaman enters a trance state and travels on behalf of the patient to the spirit world in order to facilitate healing.  In the trance, the shaman receives information about how to assist the patient and works to clear obstacles to the desired outcome of health and wellbeing.

I am not formally trained as a shaman.  I refer to the work as “shamanic” because I work as an intermediary between the patient and unseen energies that stand in the way of their intended goals of health and wholeness.

My training has been guided by my work with each patient over the last 15 years.

The work looks different with each person and each situation and is guided by the spirit and intention of the person.

Interventions are undertaken with the intention of restoring harmony and balance. This may require: clearing of cords, entanglements and/or agreements; removing energies that do not belong to the patient; assisting with reintegration of soul parts; clearing old patterns and beliefs; clearing familial/tribal implants; assisting with reestablishing the flow of energy in the body; balancing the nervous system…

As I work, I hold the ongoing intention that the work serve to facilitate the movement of the heart and soul towards the knowing of its own joyful, radiant, wholeness.