Distance Healing
“My distance healing session with Dr. Miki was truly remarkable.   Her  kind and open-hearted  manner  immediately put me at ease, and though she was hundreds of miles away,  I experienced sensations of pressure,  movement , tingling and warmth in my body as she worked.  My physical pain dissipated and the heaviness  in my heart lifted during the session, and  I awoke the next morning with a deep sense of well-being that has remained with me since.  I have such appreciation and gratitude for this much-needed healing and emotional shift, and for the opportunity to work with such a gifted and effective healer.”
-Stephanie Turner, Energy Healer and Shamanic Practitioner, Portland

“There is so much I want to say to you, but I can’t yet.  Please know you hit the mark on the head.  I was in tears and am again reading this. Thank you.”
– A. P., Chicago, Illinois

“Just wanted to let you know how good I feel. Not exactly sure why but I don’t care. Thank you for everything you have done.”
-- T. T., Cincinnati, OH

“Thanks Ajana
Bodhi is doing really well and seems to have turned a major corner of development. Thanks for your support!”
--R.S., Ashland, OR

“Dr. Miki,
An honor to be worked on by you.
Your attention and intention are much appreciated and I send you
blessings and gratitude for the wonderful work you are doing.
Thank you so very much.
I am deeply moved.”
With respect,
Andrew Dattila, D.O.

“Dear Dr. Miki, Both my therapist and I have noticed a certain lightness in my overall being lately. I’ve been observing things in my daily life as if I’m from another planet, thinking “oh, how quaint or odd”, as opposed to feeling slayed or mortally wounded by other people’s behaviors.Thanks so much for the work you do. I’m so grateful!”
-S.A., Portland, Oregon

Dearest Dr. Miki,
Thank you.  I felt such peace and hope after this session.  I look forward to talking to you soon.
-S. C.  Byron, New York

“I have to say it’s the best $ I’ve spent towards healing in long, long time. I am continuing to feel good and for a few moments every day, feel the presence of strong, positive, protective “bodies” around me. Two or more- can’t say for sure but they give me a sense of calm, positive energy.”
T.B., Cincinnati, OH

In Person

My back is so much better. It’s more flexible and feels pretty good. I’m taking the herbs that you suggested as well as following your dietary recommendation and I’ve had 2 GREAT night’s sleep!

I gave my brother your card and told him about our session this week.

I also talked with my daughter and she may call you.

So, if you felt anything yesterday, it was because I was talking about you and encouraging the people I love to see you!

Thank you again for being the amazing healer that you are. I really appreciate YOU !
-G. Anderson, Medford, Oregon

My experience with Dr Miki was one of profound healing at multiple levels. Her unique style of tuning into my body (and the Mystery) using a wide range of modalities was exceptional. I especially found her beautiful ’sound toning’ relaxing & healing –  as though calling my body to find its own healing power through its own resonant frequency. Unlike any healer I have every worked with. She is a gracious, intuitive, gifted and compassionate healer.
-V. Neistrath, Facilitator, Ashland, Oregon

I consider the work that we have done and the healing that has taken place for me in these past four months to be a miracle. The level of healing I have accomplished with your guidance, insight and compassion is extraordinary. Dr. Miki, you combine a rich palate of knowledge with love, understanding and intuition that allows the individual to heal on all levels, for a complete transformation of one’s being.  For you and for this I am eternally grateful.
-Laura G., Ashland, Oregon

Bars sessions
“Hi Ajana……thoroughly wonderful Bars class you facilitated ….my favorite one!”
--C.C., Ashland, OR

“Ajana, I was just getting ready to go to bed and I was remarking on what a remarkable change I have experienced since our session. I can’t thank you enough!”
--B.P., Ashland, OR

“You class was fantastic!
Thank you SO much for your inspiring facilitation!
Honestly, it was perfect. I can’t think of anything that you could have done better.
(How DOES it get any better than that?!!!)”
-- L.T. Ashland, OR